5 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding

By: Daniela Ortiz – Cabo Wedding Photographer

1. Have an Intimate Wedding

A destination wedding can be the perfect fit for couples who prefer a more intimate celebration. It is a great opportunity to narrow down the guest list! The people you love the most will be more likely to travel to the location you pick and will jump on board to spending quality time with you!

Luxury-Palmilla-Wedding-One_&_Only-Los_Cabos-Photographer(Mayra & Heaths´s Wedding day at One & Only Palmilla)

2. Celebrate for Longer

A destination wedding usually means traveling, so your guests will arrive a couple days before and/or leave a couple of days after the big day. Weather it is a three-day trip or a full-week vacation! You can spend time with cool activities; like full days at the pool, group excursions, spa days… you name it!

Here in Cabo we have incredible marine life that can be explored with snorkeling and scuba diving. In addition we have the beautiful desert! This means you can enjoy an amazing landscape with ATV tours or sunset dinners. (Just naming my personal favorite activities in Los Cabos, but there are a lot more!)

Destination Wedding Photographer in Los Cabos(Colleen & Tom´s Wedding at Mar del Cabo)

3. Spend Quality Time

A longer celebration means you and your guests will have a few days together! This extra time not only allows you to spend quality time with your loved ones, but also allows guests from both sides of the family to truly get to know each other. All these makes a more interactive and relaxed celebration where everyone gets to create awesome memories together.

Destination Wedding Bridesmaids Bride - Cabo Wedding Photographer(Chantel & Jeff´s Wedding at Sandos Finisterra)

4. Relax!

Destination weddings are almost guaranteed to be simpler and faster to plan. All the local vendors are usually prepared for long distance planning. You step off the plane and sign the papers…. we take care of the rest! Getting a wedding planner in the town you plan to wed can make it even simpler! Once you arrive it will be easy to relax in a beautiful location surrounded by love…

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Cabo Wedding Photographer Hilton(Angie & Andy´s Wedding at Hilton Los Cabos)

5. Honeymoon

Start the honeymoon as soon as the wedding day is over! Staying for a couple of days after everyone is gone, is an excellent opportunity to relax and to have an intimate time with your new spouse. You could switch to a more exclusive hotel in the area or even venture out to a town nearby and truly get to experience the location you picked. You picked it for a reason!

Wedding Sunset Monalisa Cabo Mexico Photographer(Rachael & Jon´s Wedding at Sunset Monalisa)

BONUS! Take amazing photos!

Opportunities for unique and whimsical photos are everywhere in paradise! Choosing a local photographer will most likely result in spectacular and memorable photos incorporating the natural landscape, as we know the best spots and how to work with the light in them.

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Pedregal Wedding in Los Cabos Photographer(Maya & Jacob´s Wedding at Pedregal)

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