Daniela Ortiz Wedding Photographer


I’m Dani and I am a wedding photographer based in Sunny Cabo.

Los Cabos has been my home since I completed my Bachelor’s in Visual Arts with a specialization in Photography.

Being a part of people’s memorable days and ceremonies makes my heart pump! That and Baja’s beautiful and joyful atmosphere has made the more than ten years I’ve been doing this full time a pleasure.

Sometimes I will find myself on an empty beach with a girl and a boy with a hidden engagement ring in his pocket. Sometimes I will share a sunset with a family that wishes to freeze the beautiful time they had on their Mexican vacation. It feels amazing to capture those moments so they can be revisited years from now and still make you feel the sand beneath your feet.

I have always been in love with traveling and art. I couldn’t have dreamt of a better job. I’m passionate about photographing any event that is filled with love and it is always a great honor to be trusted with that.