Guide for Planning your ACRE Baja Wedding

All you need to know about this beautiful Los Cabos wedding venue

It goes without a word that wedding planning can get a little hectic, but let me tell you a secret – everything goes smoothly once you’ve picked your venue. More importantly, this is vital for a destination celebration, especially when you haven’t visited your dream location before. Not only will it provide you with security, but also an opportunity to tailor your vision! That being said, if you are planning a wedding in San Jose del Cabo, I can make your searching quest a lot easier. Meet ACRE, one of the most magical places in the area that offers more than a typical venue. But why does this location have me and countless others a little obsessed? Read below because today I am listing an in-depth guide for planning your dreamy ACRE Baja wedding.

A Beautiful Oasis in San Jose del Cabo

Where do I even start? I always get excited when talking about ACRE, because yes, it is that incredible! Nestled in the foothills of San Jose del Cabo, you will find this haven among the palm trees. It is just a 10 minute drive from Cabo so you won’t have trouble neither for connection with the city nor accessibility. That means if you are planning a Los Cabos wedding, you and your guests will have an opportunity to revel in this oasis, but also visit the city and explore. Elevates the whole guest experience, doesn’t it?

Set on 25 acres, it beautifully blends in with nature, featuring mango orchard, gardens and an organic farm. Furthermore, here you will find the most stylish event spaces that provide a unique laid-back elegance. Of course, let’s not forget about the restaurant and bar who have won multiple awards. ACRE appreciates organic gastronomy but also commodities – there are amazing tree-house rooms that no one can resist. In essence, when planning an ACRE Baja wedding you get a wonderful harmony of both native beauty but also urban design with an industrial flair.

ACRE Baja Wedding Experience

The venue can host intimate affairs from 20 guests, but also grand celebrations with up to 500 attendees. No matter how you envision your Cabo San Lucas wedding, ACRE can realize any nuptial idea. As for the aesthetic, it is a blend of sub-tropical allure with modern chic. Furthermore, here you can provide your guests with unforgettable experiences regarding the cuisine. From farm-to-table menu to pasta and varieties of pesto, you will have your hands full in picking out the dishes for your dinner. To complement the dishes you can pair a whole array of agave cocktails, and of course, mezcal also comes in various flavors. What is even more admirable is that they make their own mezcal – trust me, your guests will love to try their original creation. As ACRE would say: Share, sip, savor, and repeat!

What truly stands out concerning your ACRE wedding reception is the magical dance floor that is set in the heart of the mango orchard. Imagine glimmering lights and dancing the night away in such an ambiance! Also, did I mention that the bar has an iconic open-air rooftop terrace? From here you can gaze upon the vast forests and feel the authentic charm. It is also a perfect place to lounge. A peaceful surrounding with a certain effortless elegance that cannot be found anywhere else. Basically, it is for modern and edgy couples like you, with a refined taste for service and a dream to experience that laid back vibe.

Fun Features

ACRE has an animal rescue program that completes that mini-safari feel. The whole landscape, the treehouses which are favorites among guests; lovely animals, and modern-day amenities make a perfectly harmonious blend. But to indulge in entertainment, there are also fun game options like bocce ball, ping pong, and more. It almost feels like you will never run out on things to do here. And who can say no to petting lovely animals across the estate?

Q & A

Because I wanted to go really in-depth in this guide, I interviewed the ACRE event coordinator team for all the questions that are relevant to you and refined all of their answers below. This way you can have all the info to plan your Baja wedding down to the last detail.

How does an ACRE wedding looks like?

  • What is the exact capacity?

The ACRE features several different spaces with different capacities. Their Mango Orchard can host up to 350 guests, the Lover’s Lounge (their newest amazing addition!) is intended for intimate gatherings for 20-48; the Rooftop can accommodate maximum 50. If you are wondering whether you can combine the spaces and make a unique take for your ACRE Baja wedding, yes you can! Host the ceremony in one, the cocktail hour in another, and the dinner in a third event space. Nothing is impossible in their book.

  • Are there noise restrictions?

Yes, their curfew is at 11 pm so your band or DJ will be obliged to control the volume. But nonetheless, the show can go on in other creative ways!

  • What other features are included for an ACRE Baja Wedding?

For your big day, you will have bathrooms, lounge, and cocktail area. Plus, your guests will be able to enjoy the mango orchard, pool terrace space and the whole property except the restaurant.

  • How many weddings does ACRE allow within a day?

Well, there might be another wedding happening in a different area, but the only thing your guests will have to share is the bathroom located in the restaurant.

  • How many restrooms are there?

The restrooms are in one building but no need to worry because there are many stalls and multiple entrances.

  • Is there a separate space for cocktail hour?

Yes, there is! You can host it by the pool or on the lawn. In essence, most couples choose the lawn for their ceremony, the pool terrace space for the cocktail hour and the mango orchard for a reception under the stars. This creates a seamless flow of events.

Logistics at ACRE

  • Is there any outside vendor fee?

The only requirement you will receive from the ACRE is to have a wedding planner or coordinator. As for vendor fees or outside vendor restrictions – there are none!

  • How early can we arrive?

This solely depends on you, you can arrive as early as you like and explore the lands.

  • Are tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware, and glassware provided, or will I have to rent them myself?

Happy to say that everything dinner-related will be provided for up to 140 guests. Your only task will be to adorn the setting with your own vision and decorations.

  • Does ACRE have audio equipment?

No, they do not, nor microphones, but usually your band or DJ takes care of this (if not, you will have to rent them). It is convenient as they have full electrical power across the estate, more importantly at the mango orchard reception area. The only space that has full equipment is the Blue Room in which you can also hook an iPod or laptop into the sound system.

Also, the venue has generators for power outages so your Cabo wedding will be in safe hands.

  • Is the site handicap accessible?

No need to worry because the whole area is handicap-friendly and accessible!

Let’s talk about the decorations

  • Will the staff be involved in setting up and breaking down the décor? In what capacity?

The decoration has to be arranged with your wedding planner team. ACRE will take care of setting up everything dinner-related.

  • Are we allowed to bring in our own decorations?

Of course! You will be able to curate your wedding esthetic the way you want. Mind that there are no walls nor ceilings, so you cannot create the ceiling whimsy without installations!

  • Can we use candles/confetti/sparklers/fireworks…?

Yes, you are free to bring when it comes to sparkles and cold fireworks but not air fireworks. You can bring those that are in the ground, the ones that fly are prohibited.

Whats the food like at ACRE?

  • What are the different ways ACRE serves food? Buffet, family-style, individual plates?

In most cases, couples choose a family-style dinner because it is convenient! In this way, the food will be at the center of the table and shared. The best part? You get to have a great variety of delicacies and you get to pick whatever you like! Also, there is the option to have a plated dinner or even food stations which gets a bit more complicated. But when it comes to the ACRE Baja wedding guest experience, most would choose the first option.

  • Can they accommodate special diets? Coeliacs? Vegetarians?

A big fat YES! ACRE takes pride in tailoring your menu towards you and your beloved guests’ preferences.

  • How many choices for meals are there?

When it comes to the family-dinner style of dining, your wedding guests will be able to choose three or four of every category.

  • Is there a complimentary tasting?

We all know how important it is to taste first and decide later! So you will be glad to hear that once you book your ACRE wedding, your planner will help you set a complimentary tasting session in which you will decide what to have for your reception.

  • Can I bring in a cake from an outside baker or do I have to use a cake made on-site?

There are two options. They usually make the cake there, but you can also choose to bring a different cake. The good news? There is no vendor nor cutting fee!

What about the drinks?

  • Do they provide a cash bar or an open bar?

It is an Open Bar. You know what that means – iconic memories in the making! Have in mind that the bar will close at 11 pm so make sure you get your wedding timeline right.
ACRE does not allow cash bar, it must be a bar package that is paid for in advance.

  • What drinks are included in their pricing?

Well, the fees solely depend on your guest count and the hours – how long the event lasts.

  • Can we bring our own wine, beer or champagne? What about hard liquor? Is there a fee?

You will be happy to hear that you can bring your own favorite wine. Additionally, you can also bring a special bottle of champagne or tequila. For the rest of the drinks, naturally, you will have to use the bar.

  • Signature Cocktails! Is there an option for that?

Yes! You can personalize your ACRE Baja wedding also with the drinks and have your own unique signature cocktails. Isn’t that amazing? I always love that detail, makes it more personal.

What are ACRE vendor policies?

  • Do we have to use your approved vendors? If not, are there limitations or guidelines we need to meet when bringing others in?

ACRE gives complete freedom to choose whichever vendor you like and prefer. The only thing that matters to them is to curate your special day the way you like and in the style you dream of.

  • Do you offer on-site coordination? What services are included?

They have a team of professionals that coordinate your events and help the process run smoothly. But have in mind that they are dedicated to those things that are ACRE-related. That includes the dining, drinks, restaurant, tables and chairs, etc. The rest has to be done by your wedding planner.

The Wedding Ceremony

  • Where can I host my wedding ceremony at ACRE?

The venue offers its dreamy lawn area; most couples choose the lawn for their ceremony, the pool terrace space for the cocktail, and the mango orchard for the reception.

  • Is it possible to take photos with the donkeys?

Yes! They allow you to pet and take photos with the donkeys in their area, but to keep them nurtured and safe, they do not allow you to take them out of their facility, under any circumstances. But anyway, who wouldn’t be dying to take a million photos with the adorable donkeys?!

  • Do you organize transportation in and out of ACRE?

Unfortunately no, but trust me, there are lot of options in Cabo. I would advise you to consult with your planner, they will be more than happy to arrange that for you!

What makes ACRE stand out?

  • Authentic. It is a tropical oasis with a fabulous jungle vibe – in the middle of the desert, shall I say more? While on your Cabo trip you can experience the beach and all the typical beautiful landscapes, ACRE offers something different for your Cabo wedding. A different ambiance, unique allure, intimacy – an exceptional Los Cabos experience.
  • Flexible. You have the freedom to design and express your authentic style and celebrate the way you envision. For that matter, they don’t have pre-made packages so you can create the unique wedding you’ve always dreamed of.
  • High-quality food. Honestly, you will never hear a single guest complaining about the food. In fact, they will be completely awe-inspired by their culinary art. Plus, it is organic and with rich flavors – farm to table.
  • Organic. Everything you see in terms of food is completely organic and sourced from the property. Actually, you will be able to see this when exploring the property. The vegetables and herbs are all ACRE-grown.
  • Open space. In this era of Covid pandemic, social distancing and restrictions; you will be glad to learn that all of their spaces are completely open!

How is the accommodation like at ACRE?

  • Treehouses

In ACRE they have a unique boutique hotel of elevated treehouses. I adore them for taking photos, but fair warning when it comes to accommodation or getting ready – they don’t have air conditioning.
Another thing to take into account, the walls are not completely closed so it can get chilly at night in the winter periods!

Alternatively there are plenty of hotels and villas nearby ACRE that couples usually stay in and use for the getting ready.

I hope that my ACRE Baja wedding guide proves to be helpful to you! I tried to include everything I know, but if you have more questions, feel free to contact me. Also, if you feel that my style of visually portraying your story is aligned with your vision, head over to my contact page and fill the form. I would be delighted to be your San Jose del Cabo wedding photographer.

Let’s make some magic!