Wedding planning: 8 things you can do from home

By: Daniela Ortiz – Cabo Wedding Photographer


Wedding planning from home can be quite easy with the help of the internet. This could be a great time for planning and dreaming about future amazing celebrations. Here are a couple of things you can do from home to start planning your wedding!


Destination Wedding Panning Tips Home Style

Time for you two to have a little day dream together! Pinterest can definitely be a super cool source for finding color schemes, decor ideas and full event styles. Deciding your style will help choosing a dress, a venue and vendors that compliment your wedding. This is a good first step to take, once you settle your wedding´s style, it will be much easier to continue the wedding planning. Classic, contemporary, elegant, vintage, rustic, bohemian… there are so many beautiful possibilities!

Destination Wedding Panning Tips Home Invites Guest List

When you imagine your wedding day, who do you picture yourself dancing and smiling with? This task might feel overwhelming, there can be a lot of people you WANT there and a lot of people  you feel like you NEED to invite. Take your time on this one and remember that it is about celebrating your love!  

Having an estimated guest count early on, is important information for the next steps. Determine if you want an intimate wedding or a big one. You could start by choosing who definitely has to be there and be part of your wedding party!

Destination Wedding Panning Tips Home Venue

Do you imagine your big day at the beach, indoor, at a farm or barn, in the forest… plenty of options to find what suits you best as a couple! We can find about anything in the vast world of the internet! You can try searching for hashtags on Instagram such as #CaboVenue or #CaboWedding. 

Of course you can replace the word “Cabo” for your chosen destination! But if you haven’t chosen one, I encourage you to come look at the amazingness of Los Cabos, México.

Destination Wedding Panning Tips Home Vendors

This will probably take the most time and energy, but once you hire most of your vendors you can actually relax a little!

Local vendors will know their way around, have the proper permits and they will know how to work with the other local vendors. If you are having a destination wedding it will be nice to support the beautiful location that is welcoming your wedding with open arms.

If you are in the hunt for a wedding photographer check out these “13 Questions for your Potential Wedding Photographer”.

Destination Wedding Panning Tips Home Invites

With a few clicks, you can actually get a full design proposal for all your wedding stationary. This is a good time to see sample designs that match your wedding style and personality.

Try searching online for “Wedding invitation and stationary designers near me”.  Decide if you want to send virtual invites and save the dates or if you want to send paper stationary.

I always vote for paperless! What better way to share your love than by sharing it with the environment! Check out this Zero Plastic Wedding for ideas on how to have a more sustainable celebration. Zero Waste Wedding

Destination Wedding Panning Tips Home Invites Dress

There is obviously nothing like an in-person fitting and you will eventually have the whole experience. But in the mean time, you can get inspired by tons of dress styles!

Choose your dream dress style: Ballgawn, Fishtail, A-Line, Column, Fit & Flair. Type it in Google and get lost in the magical universe of wedding dresses! While you are at it, get some inspiration for accessories. Remember it is very important to consider the weather in that location and in that season.

Destination Wedding Panning Tips Home Vows

This is a beautiful time to reflect on our lives and our relationships. There is no right or wrong when pouring your heart out on paper, so just go for it! 

Writing your own vows might feel super personal… try focusing on what made you want to spend the rest of your life with your loved one.

Destination Wedding Panning Tips Home Website

Having a wedding website can be quite useful. You can keep all of your guests fully updated with important information like locations, dates, times, etc. It can be included on your invite!

Having a hashtag is a good idea too! You will be able to find all the photos posted on social media. Just remember to make it unique!

Destination Wedding Panning Tips Home Planner

A wedding planner will know vendors, venues, times and basically everything you need to know… PLUS will keep you on track.

Planning a wedding involves many tasks, both before and during the wedding day. What better way to just enjoy and relax, than by having a professional you can rely on!

Daniela Ortiz is a destination wedding photographer

based in Cabo San Lucas, México

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