How to Choose your Cabo Wedding Photographer

Are you planning a destination wedding in sunny Cabo San Lucas? Then make sure to hire a professional Cabo wedding photographer!
Being able to look back on your wedding day in 50 years and recall all the incredible moments sounds truly magical. For this reason, having high-quality photographs of your big day is vital.

Choosing the right photographer can be slightly challenging, which is why I am here to help!
Hiring a reliable professional is one of the most important investments you’ll make on your special day.
The venue, the food, and the decor are all temporary, but the memories you gather and capture that day are timeless.

As with other important decision in life, it is always worth it to spend time researching to find someone whose work reflects who you are.
You want your wedding pictures to reflect your personality.

Here are some tips to help you pick your ideal Los Cabos wedding photographer!

Social Media

In this day and age, every photographer and most artists promote their work on social media networks, mainly through Instagram.

Take advantage of this opportunity and Google ‘’Cabo wedding photographer’’ or scroll through Instagram .

You will have a list of potential candidates in no time!

Online Reviews

When looking for a wedding photographer in Cabo, don’t stop at scrolling through social media.

If you do some research, you will certainly find plenty of websites with reviews.
There, people share their personal experiences working with the photographer.

The main place to look for reviews are, to no one’s surprise, Google search and Google maps. There are also other webs like: The Knot, Junebug weddings, Wedding Wire, Yelp, etc.

Read other people’s experience to determine whether a particular photographer is right for you.

If lots of couples say that their photographer made them feel comfortable, was professional, had great communication skills and achieved fantastic shots; the chances are that you will not regret choosing them too!

Reviews from other customers are extremely important in making a final decision.

Ask For Full Cabo Wedding Portfolio

When you are doing background checks for your Wedding photographer in Cabo, do not be satisfied with just the pictures that you see on social media.

Every professional should have a portfolio of full wedding galleries that you can go through to help you decide.

Looking into the shots they have singled out for their Instagram may not tell you enough about their work.
Their online aesthetic could be sunset pictures, but you are also looking for interior photos, the party, details, decoration, etc.

Asking to see full wedding galleries is the best way to judge their style and capabilities.

Can you feel love in the air when you look through their photos? Are they authentic, and do they capture the little details that make wedding photos unique?
If so, consider talking to them about your own ideas and see if they can incorporate them.

Why Is Consistency Important?

When viewing your desired photographer’s work, do not overlook if some of their pictures are not of the same quality as others.
This does not necessarily mean that they are slacking off, but it can be a good indicator.

Check whether the quality of the pictures for all events is consistently good or bad to ensure that you are not taking a risk with them.

Interview Your Favorite Cabo photographers

Once you narrow down the options, don’t be afraid to schedule a video call. Meet up with them to explain them how you envision your wedding day and ask everything you want to know.

Interviewing different photographers is an important step, and you want to ensure you hire the right person.
Ask about their experience, their previous work, and check out their communication skills.

It’s important that your photographer knows exactly what you want. Making sure you find someone who can provide you with pictures that suit your preferences, should be a top priority.

I believe that wedding pictures are a uniquely invaluable possession, so why wouldn’t you want a professional who feels the same way?

A destination photographer will have more experience on your wedding location. They’ll know the best spots to capture the most dreamy scenery.


An often-overlooked factor when hiring a photography for your wedding is communication.
You can do your research and choose the one with the best pictures, but how can you be sure that they will know what you want?

You need to hire someone who will be open to discussion and willing to incorporate your ideas into their photos.
Your Cabo photographer should be aware that this is your day and that your opinion matters.

Openly communicate with them if there is something that you are not comfortable with.
Your wedding is the happiest day of your life, and it should be captured as you desire.

Of course, give them artistic space and trust their ideas as well, for the best results.
Once you discuss what you all have in mind, try to find common ground and trust your photographer to do their job!

Does It Pay Off?

The only answer to this question is Absolutely!
Memories are priceless, and getting the best professional taking care of it is totally worth it.

You want to find someone who will care enough to make your wedding photos as personalized and romantic as you want them to be.

After all, when the music ends, and the guests leave, all you are left with are the memories in your mind. Freezing these special moments so they never fade away is crucial.

Find someone who will know exactly how to do this for you and will handle this job with true care and professionalism.

Be Comfortable

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner; don’t let anyone tell you differently.
For this reason, make sure that you are comfortable with all the wedding vendors you choose, especially your photographer.
You are going to spend most of your special day with this person, and you want to enjoy every moment of it.

Weddings can be overwhelming and stressful on their own, which is why you don’t need another reason to worry.

If you are comfortable with your Cabo wedding photographer, your pictures will turn out looking candid, natural and genuine. You will feel more relaxed and confident and that will reflect in more natural photos.

Is The Photographer Too Busy?

A busy photographer can be both a good and bad thing.
For example it may take them days to answer your emails. On the other hand, your photographer being busy proves that they are valued by many couples.

Still, make sure that your photographer is not too busy to pay enough attention to your needs.
It’s important that they answer your emails quick or is available to jump on a video call to discuss your wedding ideas or doubts.

Make sure that whoever you choose, knows how to balance a full schedule with bringing top-quality pictures to the table!

Check Out Different Styles

All artists have a different approach to their work.
They incorporate various styles and have their own point of view about how best to capture moments.
Not only do they have distinctive photographing styles, but their editing differs as well.

There are traditional, contemporary, portrait, illustrative photography styles, and so on.
Some photographers like to mix styles to suit certain couples and their preferences.

Once you look through your Cabo photographer’s portfolio, you will be able to determine whether their unique way of working is right for you.

If you are looking for a Cabo wedding photographer who will dedicate their time and talent to your big day, check out my Instagram account!